Aisha Khan is running for U.S. Congress in Maryland's Third Congressional District to bring new energy and leadership to Congress.

Aisha Khan

Preserving Democracy.

  • In this critical moment for our nation, the very fabric of our democracy hangs in the balance, demanding our urgent attention and action. As a progressive Democrat, I am deeply committed to preserving the foundational principles that have guided our country for centuries—principles of freedom, equality, and justice for all.
  • The threats facing our democracy, from voter suppression to the erosion of civil liberties, require bold, decisive action to ensure every voice is heard and respected.
  • We must come together, regardless of our differences, to strengthen our democratic institutions, protect the right to vote, and ensure that our government truly represents the will of the people. It is only through our collective effort that we can safeguard our democracy for future generations, making it more inclusive, transparent, and resilient than ever before.

A Stronger Economy For All.

  • In the face of unprecedented challenges, our economy stands at a crossroads, requiring visionary leadership and innovative solutions to secure a prosperous future for all.
  • As a progressive Democrat, I am committed to rebuilding our economy in a way that prioritizes sustainable growth, supports small businesses, and ensures good-paying jobs for our workforce. Together, we can build an economy that works for everyone, fostering a society marked by fairness, opportunity, and resilience.
  • We must invest in infrastructure, clean energy, and education to spur innovation and create opportunities that lift up every community. It's time to champion economic policies that not only drive our nation forward but also address income inequality and provide a safety net for those in need.

Healthcare is a Fundamental Right.

  • In an era where healthcare is a fundamental determinant of quality of life, it's imperative that we strive towards a system where every individual, regardless of their background or financial status, has access to comprehensive, affordable healthcare.
  • As a progressive Democrat, I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and I am committed to advocating for policies that expand coverage, reduce costs, and improve the quality of care for all Americans. The challenges of our current healthcare system—high prescription drug prices, gaps in coverage, and barriers to mental health services—demand bold solutions that ensure no one is left behind.
  • By investing in preventative care, mental health services, and accessible medical services, we can create a healthier, more equitable society for future generations. Together, we can achieve a vision of healthcare that upholds the dignity and well-being of every person in our nation.

Education for All of Us.

  • In today’s rapidly evolving world, education is the cornerstone of individual empowerment and societal progress. As a progressive Democrat, I am deeply committed to transforming our education system into one that equitably serves all students, regardless of their zip code, background, or socioeconomic status.
  • We must invest in our future by ensuring access to high-quality early childhood education, strengthening K-12 schools, and making higher education and vocational training affordable for every American. Addressing disparities, supporting educators with fair pay and resources, and preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow are crucial steps towards building an inclusive, informed, and innovative society.
  • Together, we can champion an education system that unlocks the full potential of every student, fostering a generation of leaders, thinkers, and creators ready to contribute to our nation and the world.

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